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Welcome to The Curious Corner of Chamarel, Mauritius! You’re here because you’re curious. Of course you are, that’s one of mankind’s distinctive characteristics. From the first dawn, man has wondered, and driven by curiosity, created and shaped his environment, but what is real and what is just an illusion?

Curious Corner is all about exploring that grey area of life, where things are not what they seem, and having fun in the process!

Come and join us in Chamarel, directly opposite the iconic coloured earth site, and partake in mind bending fun in a stunning environment. Relax and ponder on the tantalising experiences in the exhibit centre whilst you enjoy the delights of The Corner Cafe garden environment and browse through the many intriguing curios in the Puzzles and Things Shop.

Located opposite the Seven Coloured Earths, Curious Corner of Chamarel is the first of its kind in Mauritius, a gallery of interactive illusions and art sure to awaken your curiousity! Visit the Exhibit Centre and experience a world of mind bending fun, browse the many curios in the Puzzles & Things Shop and enjoy the delights on offer at The Corner Café in the garden.

Come and see us, we can’t wait to welcome you into this world of magic and mystery where nothing is quite what it seems!

Admission: Rs50 | Curiosities + Activities: Rs225

Admission: Rs25 | Curiosities + Activities: Rs125
(Children 3-12 years, height bar)

"The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, discover it, question it, and turn it upside down.

Are YOU Curious?"


Located just opposite the Seven Coloured Earths, Curious Corner of Chamarel is the first of its kind in Mauritius, a house of illusion and mystery sure to awaken your curiousity! Visit the Exhibit Centre and experience a world of mind bending fun, browse the  many curios in  the Puzzles & Things Shop and enjoy the delights on offer at The Corner Café in the garden.

The future belongs to the curious, so come out and spend the day with us, enjoying all that Curious Corner has to offer!

Mirror Maze

The Curious Corner Mirror Maze is one of a kind. Built by our team, it provides you and your family and friends with endless excitement! See infinite reflections of yourself and have a laugh as you use all your senses to find your way out.

Ames Room

The Curious Corner Ames Room is a family favourite photo opportunity. Stand on the left and appear tiny in comparison to your giant friend on the other side of the room. If seeing is believing, this attraction will surely get the wheels turning!


Turn your world upside down in the Curious Corner Upside Down Room. Explore the kitchen, living room and dining room in this upside down world, filled with little details that will complete the experience.


The Laser Music Room at Curious Corner allows you to experiment with the marriage of light and sound. Touch the colourful laser lights to create sounds and turn it into a musical treat!

The Curious Corner of Chamarel, Mauritius offers a fabulous garden dining opportunity for guests at The Corner Cafe.

The Corner Cafe offers guests refreshments, snacks, smoothies and ice cream in a beautiful garden setting. Don’t fret, the illusions continue into the grounds so you can still enjoy exploring your curiousity while at the cafe.


Don’t leave Curious Corner without a souvenir of your visit! Check out the curios for sale at the Puzzles & Things Gift Shop or stay a while and play some mind bending games right here in the shop.

"Illusion is the first of all pleasures."


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Our Team


Paul Rose

Paul Rose, aged 49, has been a resident of Mauritius since 1990. He was instrumental in establishing The Mauritius Glass Gallery which he ran from 1993 to 2009 in partnership with Phoenix Beverages. He married Mauritian Citizen Martine Patron in 1999 and they have a son Andrew (9 years old), who has been highly involved in “testing out” most of the project’s many exhibits.


David Hartshorn

David Hartshorn, aged 62, a Quantity Surveyor by profession, first resided in Mauritius in 1979 and worked under contract on various civil engineering projects until 1981. Elise Bigaignon, born in Vacoas, accepted his invitation to join him in the Caribbean where they were married and have resided for the last 30 years. They returned “home” in 2009 with a view to resettling. They have two adult children Matthew and Delphine.


Mackenzie Faron

Mauritian born Mackenzie became a key member of the construction and installation at CCC giving him a unique understanding of what the whole facility is about. Makenzie’s level headed attitude and positivity made him stand out as someone special. He has quickly adapted to his new position as exhibit attendant and lights up the whole centre with his ear to ear smile. He loves meeting people and is in a perfect position now to satisfy his constant curiosity. Makenzie and wife Naomie Soupin have 3 beautiful children: Noah, Revaya and little Kezaya.

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